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"Your client is waiting for you on Social Media; are you ready to sell?"

PixelOwls provides viral social media marketing services for businesses to skyrocket their awareness.


Hire Social Media Experts

Growing your followers on social media can help you increase word of mouth and referrals. On social media, marketing experts can help you improve your followers with relevant people and ensure that your followers match the demographic interest and behaviors of the typical prospects.

Hire SEO experts

We have helped several companies in almost all industries to grow their online presence and drive more income. We have the experience and client success stories to support any shape or size of the business, and we are looking forward to enhancing the online traffic and growing the leads. Our SEO experts have been industry leaders for several years now. Our team collaborates if someone has an issue, and we all jump in.

Why Choose Social Media Marketing to Build your Business’ Digital Front?

Social media has undoubtedly taken the world by storm since its original creation as the social media users today have given up to more than 4 billion, which is double what it was in 2015. On average, every person has at least eight different social media accounts. Here is why you should invest in the service

  • Improve credibility as a brand - Having social media is a start to enhancing your credibility as a brand. If your business does not have any social media account or if it does, but it is not updated regularly and optimized, it has the same impact as just having a brick-and-mortar location.

  • Attract a targeted audience - You need to be able to sift through several people available to find your target audience because you don’t wish to build a random follower base.

  • Directly engage with customers - Engagement and conversations generally happen every second of every day on social media. Having direct access to the client allows you to get a pulse on the target audience's lights and pain points while they feel they have direct access and connection to their favorite brand.

Social Media Marketing Services we Provide

PixelOwls look forward to offering the best social media marketing services. You can easily avail of our social media marketing services for any of the social media platforms you want.
  Facebook :
You are guaranteed to reach your target audience through Facebook, with more than 2 billion monthly active users. You just need the right content to reach them.
Instagram : 
A picture generally says 1000 words, and you can use one of the most engaging social media platforms, which is Instagram, which has at least 60% of the people who only use it to discover new products.
Twitter :
You can enhance your brand recognition through Twitter as it has more than 3 30,000,000 users, and all age groups use it.

Our Work Process for Social Media Marketing Services

PixelOwls has an agile methodology for social media marketing services, and we have created the steps here to help you understand it better.
  Research :
Before going with your methodology, we do some research to make the rest of your social media marketing plan smoother. We learn about your target audience, what your competitors are doing, and user behaviors on the specific social media platform.
Plan content accordingly : 
After researching your target audience, we ensure that we make the most of your targeted, qualified, relevant followers so that they can enter the top of your sales funnel.
Optimize the account :
Our experts ensure that we control everything about your accounts and it is as optimized as possible. We put our best foot forward on social media by adding your high-resolution bio version of your logo as the profile photo and ensuring that the website links work.
Decide which social media channel are right for you : 
Social media advertising is another ball game compared to social media management. After understanding organic social media management, we decide where exactly you should invest in for paid marketing.
Keep track of your followers :
The last stage of our process to check your followers and ensure that they have increased than what it was initially. Along with seeing that they are relevant.

Why prefer pixels as the best social media marketing company?

It would be best if you chose us undoubtedly as there are no surprises with us. We agree on a social media strategy mutually, and you can approve all the deliverables. Spending your entire budget on a social media agency is just like buying a car without gas, and we don't want you to pay a high retainer. Instead, advise our clients to pay us for the actual cost of the service and spend the extra budget on advertising.

Rapid social media marketing services give your business a competitive edge

Hire a social media marketing company.

We strive toward perfection, and our perfectness allows us to be innovative and has helped us build a great clientele base.

PixelOwls has created an agile development process enabling us to understand your requirements and create the best possible version of your vision.

Share Requirements

The process begins when you share your requirements. Our analysts will go through them to understand your idea and vision.

Strategy and Planning

We will create a bespoke development plan to build your website based on the requirements.

Design and Development

Our design and development team will create immersive designs for the website while the programmers will work on coding.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We ensure the best quality of product by running multiple tests and quality checks, leading to a bug-free website.

Launch and Deployment

Once we are sure about the website’s performance, functionality, and usability, we will help you launch and deploy.

Why Prefer PixelOwls as the Best WordPress Development Company?

We have successfully delivered more than 1000 projects built on WordPress. Having worked with a global clientele has made us adept in understanding the key aspects of different industries, markets, and types of audiences. We can tailor our WordPress development services for startups, small businesses, and large enterprises. Working with us means you will get complete pre and post-development support of unmatched professionalism and quality.

  • What is the cost structure to build a website from PixelOwls?
    The cost to build a website depends on two things, the complexity of the design and the extent of features or functions. These are the primary aspects; while there are other factors that matter, these two take up most of the time required for the development. However, we need to understand the project score and your requirements before we can provide you with an estimate.
  • Are you ready to sign an NDA for the services rendered?
    Yes, once you contact us and we finalize the work contract, we can form a confidentiality agreement to secure your ideas and project details.
  • Do you also consider SEO while developing websites and web apps?
    Yes, SEO is an integral part of our development process, and we integrate the best SEO practices while designing and creating your web solutions.
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