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"Customized Wix Website Development for Startups and Companies to Stimulate Easy Growth."

We build websites with Wix allowing businesses to engage and interact with their audiences, begin conversations, and convert leads.

PixelOwls has extensive experience and expertise in Wix development. Our in-house Wix experts have understood the platform from start to finish and update themselves regularly as the platform advances. We have developed performant, stunning, and business-friendly websites to help your business grow. We harness Wix’s features, merge them with our innovation, and your vision to create elegant and impressive websites.

Why Work with Wix for Website Development?

Wix is a ready-to-use drag-and-drop website builder allowing users to create stunning websites with minimal or zero-coding experience. Working with Wix means not going through thousands of lines of code to create the required websites and add to them the intended features. PixelOwl provides immersive experiences to your customers via websites built by Wix experts.


Simple to Use

Among other drag-and-drop website builders, Wix is the simplest yet the most feature-rich platform. As a website building tool, we can build highly engaging and performant personalized websites with Wix. The platform is super easy to use and can be used to build any type of website, be it for blogging, eCommerce, etc.

Free to Use

For businesses looking to build affordable websites, Wix is the first choice. Wix is a free-to-use platform, meaning anyone can create an account here and start building their website. With Wix’s free access to the drag and drop builder, those who have the knowledge can use the platform without any charges.


Built-in SEO

Wix lets us build SEO-optimized websites, which are easy to rank and perform favorably well for your business. Harnessing Wix’s in-built SEO mechanisms, we create new possibilities for our clients with stellar strategies oriented towards growth.

Wix Development Services We Provide

Site Setup and Customization
PixelOwl Wix Website Development experts will set up your Wix website according to your requirements. From choosing the right layouts to identifying the key features, color palette, functions, buttons, and specifications, we choose everything quickly and efficiently.
Wix Migration
Our migration services ensure effective and quick deployment of your existing website to Wix. While ensuring complete migration without data loss, we also work on the nitty-gritty to create a better version than your expectations.
Wix Theme Development
One of our core services in Wix website development is working on the themes. Our in-house design experts ideate and create immersive and business-friendly themes enabled with cross-browser and platform compatibility.
Support and Maintenance
Contact us for quick and efficient support services customized to your needs. Our round-the-clock support will ensure a smooth resolution of your problem while communicating proactively to resolve the issue.
Wix API Integration
To scale your website’s functionality, automate the tasks, and streamline the overheads, we excel in Wix API integration. We will help you decide and integrate the required APIs making your website perform and scale with speed.
Wix Consultancy
Not sure how Wix can help your business? Indulge in a super-informative and enlightening consultancy session and help you decide how to succeed while maximizing the ROI. From identifying how Wix can support your business to finalizing the features, design, themes, colors, and everything else, you can trust us to provide the best advice.

Why Choose PixelOwl for Wix Website Development?

PixelOwl provides unmatched quality of Wix website development strengthened by our extensive experience and innovative approaches. You must choose us because we follow agile methodologies, have in-house expertise, and provide affordable services.

Dedicated developers

At PixelOwl, we have dedicated Wix website development experts creating new possibilities for your business with intelligent approaches.

UI/UX Designing

We know the importance of immersive designing and creating responsive websites to ensure maximum visibility of your products and services.

On-Time Delivery

We understand the importance of time-to-market and create solutions with the required speed. We ideate, build and deploy websites within the stipulated time.

  • What is the cost structure to build a website from PixelOwls?
    The cost to build a website depends on two things, the complexity of the design and the extent of features or functions. These are the primary aspects; while there are other factors that matter, these two take up most of the time required for the development. However, we need to understand the project score and your requirements before we can provide you with an estimate.
  • Are you ready to sign an NDA for the services rendered?
    Yes, once you contact us and we finalize the work contract, we can form a confidentiality agreement to secure your ideas and project details.
  • Do you also consider SEO while developing websites and web apps?
    Yes, SEO is an integral part of our development process, and we integrate the best SEO practices while designing and creating your web solutions.
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